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Understanding COBRA and its Benefits

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, known as COBRA for short, was passed in 1986 by the federal government to provide short-term health insurance coverage to people who recently lost their job voluntarily or involuntarily. Under this law, people who qualify can opt to continue to use their employer's plan after they quit, retire, or are laid off from their job. It is essentially a continuation of their insurance plan to ensure people do not have to go without health insurance. COBRA continuation coverage extends to the employee as well as their family members.

For most people who work at companies that employ 20 individuals or more, the federal COBRA insurance plan will be the one they qualify for and can choose to use.

Learn more about federal COBRA insurance including cost, enrollment, eligibility, and more.

Additionally, many states have their own COBRA insurance programs that extend benefits to more people and can also be a way to keep your health insurance after job loss. Learn more about your state program below.

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