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Applying for Benefits – The COBRA Insurance Application

Posted on: September 28th, 2012 by Kristen Marie

In a difficult economy many people are facing difficult decisions about COBRA and other health insurance options and want to fully understand the process of enrolling in COBRA before making their final decision. Luckily the COBRA application process is not overly complicated and you can easily complete the form in a short time. Here’s how to complete the application for COBRA.

  1. Decide Who Is Using COBRA: Before you start filling out the application it is important to determine what family members are going to sign up for COBRA and what family members can use a cheaper alternative. Generally people who are healthy can find something less expensive than COBRA. Additionally children many times can qualify for state sponsored programs that are at a lower cost. In the COBRA application you will indicate each person signing up for COBRA so make sure to fully investigate your options before completing this step.
  2. Take Note of the Due Date:The date on the application is very important and missing the deadline can mean you are not eligible for benefits from COBRA. Make sure you know the due date and are prepared to complete the application at least one week before the deadline. If it is not turned in within 60 days of the notification date, you lose your option for COBRA.
  3. Know the Cost: The next thing to plan for is the cost of COBRA. Since COBRA is retroactive back to the date that you lost coverage, you are responsible for paying the full premiums for that time period when you sign up. If you sign up right away this will likely only be one month of premiums. However if you wait to sign up until the end of the 60 day you will have to pay for two months. Failure to pay the full premium can result in loss of benefits.
  4. Mail In the COBRA Application: Lastly you need to mail in the application to the address listed on the application form. Make sure to send this in at least one week before the 60 day window to make sure you do not miss the deadline due to the time it take for the application to arrive.

How Do I Apply For the COBRA Subsidy?

Unfortunately the COBRA subsidy from 2010 no longer is available and you therefore can not apply for it. However there are still ways to save money on COBRA that can help you find ways to cut down the costs. Learn more about reducing COBRA costs.

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