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Church Plans and COBRA Insurance

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by Kristen Marie

doctorsDear COBRA Insurance Direct,

For the last five years I have worked with my church and they have provided me with a health insurance plan for my family.  I just had another child and will need to leave my church position so I can stay home with the new baby.  Am I able to use COBRA to continue the health plan I had with my Church?  I am really worried about keeping my health care. 


Worried at Church

Dear Worried At Church,

In most cases the federal COBRA law does not cover church insurance plans so likely it will not be an option for you to continue your plan with COBRA.  However even though this isn’t normally an option it is still a good idea to contact the health plan administrator to double check.  They will be able to tell you immediately if your plan is eligible.

If you learn that your plan is not eligible for COBRA, then you will need to look into alternative plans.  Depending on your health care needs you could consider a private family plan, a high deductible plan, or a government plan.  The private family plan will provide similar coverage, likely at a lower price, to what you had with the church.  A high deductible plan will only cover emergencies.  The governmental plans vary by state but most likely are a good option for your children and can provide free or lower cost care.  Good luck!

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