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Health Insurance After COBRA Ends

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by Kristen Marie

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While COBRA medical insurance can be a great option for keeping health insurance, at some point or another it is going to end. Usually after just 18 months. And although this may seem like a long time when you sign up, many people find that the coverage ends very quickly and find that they still are unemployed or without alternate health insurance. So then what? Luckily there are many options out there for health insurance. But first let’s talk about why it is extremely important that you maintain health insurance.

The Importance of Maintaining Health Insurance

Clearly it is important to maintain health insurance in case of some kind of medical emergency or need, but there is another equally important reason that you should also ensure that you do not have a lapse in coverage – HIPAA.

HIPAA is a piece of legislation that was passed by Congress that is meant to ensure that people with preexisting conditions do not lose access to health insurance. Under this law, as long as you do not experience a lapse in health insurance coverage, you can not be denied from a new plan based on a preexisting condition. Thus maintaining health insurance is extremely important. Don’t have a preexisting condition? You still need to maintain coverage with no lapse because you can never predict when something will happen. If you develop a preexisting condition while having no health insurance, not only will the costs be sky high, you will also be denied from most private plans in the future.

What Health Insurance Plans Are There After COBRA?

Depending on your budget and health care needs, there are many different options for health insurance after COBRA ends. The most common plans that people use who are looking for plans that provide similar coverage to what they had on COBRA are private individual and family plans. These plans provide comprehensive coverage and actually can be much more affordable than COBRA. You can get a free quote below to explore these plans and find the right option for you.

Additionally people who live at or near the federal poverty line can also look into state Medicaid programs that may provide free or reduced cost insurance to them and their families. Normally these programs extend only to those families most in need.

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