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Will COBRA Insurance Work If I Move?

Posted on: August 21st, 2012 by Kristen Marie

stethoscopeLosing a job normally brings about lots of changes to someone’s lifestyle, and more often than not this may involve moving. Sometimes it is a local move, but many times people end up moving long distances to save money, find work, or be closer to family during a hard time. However for people using COBRA insurance, or considering COBRA, relocation may affect your benefits. Therefore it is important to find out what consequences relocation will have on your COBRA coverage before packing up.

The main factor that will determine whether or not you can use COBRA if you move is your health insurance provider and policy. Some insurance plans only cover people living in a certain region or state, while others offer national coverage. Normally if your plan is a regional or state plan, your insurance will be cancelled if you move out of that coverage area. For national plans, COBRA usually extends to any state you move to. Normally international moves are never covered though COBRA insurance.

Additionally, make sure not to make any assumptions about your plan without consulting your health insurance provider and asking them specifically about your relocation plans and COBRA coverage. Many people make assumption that because their plan is provided by a national company, like Blue Cross, that automatically means that their coverage will work nationally. However most plans sponsored by national companies are regional or state based and in fact will not work if you move.

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