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Florida COBRA Insurance

Florida COBRA Insurance

Losing a job and health insurance isn't an easy situation for anyone whether you were laid off, quit, or even retired. There are many challenges and understanding your health insurance options and COBRA health insurance can be difficult. However deepening your understanding of federal COBRA health insurance, Florida Mini COBRA insurance, and what other options are out there will help you make the right decision for your situation.

The first thing to understand when you find yourself in this situation is what COBRA insurance is and isn't. First of all, COBRA health insurance is actually a law, not an insurance plan. It was passed in 1986 to protect people from suddenly going without health insurance if they lost their jobs. The law sets up certain conditions - qualifying plan, qualifying event, and qualifying beneficiaries - and when you meet those conditions you have the option to keep coverage with the health plan you had when you were employed. This benefit extends both to you and to family members. Normally with COBRA insurance the coverage lasts 18 months and the cost is 102% of the premium (both what you paid and what your employer paid.) That makes COBRA insurance very expensive and a temporary solution.

What is Florida Mini COBRA Insurance?

Florida Mini COBRA insurance is a state run COBRA program that mimics the federal plan in many ways but extends coverage to people who don't qualify for federal COBRA due to the size of the plan they were on. With Florida COBRA coverage, people who work at companies with between 2-19 employees insured and meet the other conditions can use the coverage. Only people who DO NOT qualify for federal coverage can use Florida Mini COBRA.

What is the Cost of Florida Mini COBRA Insurance?

Florida Mini COBRA is very expensive for most people, especially given that most people who use COBRA just lost their jobs. The cost of the coverage is 115% of the full premium. The full premium is both what you paid and anything your employer subsidized. For example, let's say your employer pays 70% of your health insurance plan costs. Each month you pay $300 and your employer pays $700, meaning your full premium is that entire amount, or $1000. In addition, under FL COBRA, you would have to pay a 15% admin fee bringing the monthly cost to $1150. For those people who qualify for the 11-month extension under Florida Mini COBRA, the rate will increase to 150% of the premium after the first 18 months. Luckily there are some other options that are more affordable.

How Long Does FL COBRA Health Insurance Last?

Typical coverage with COBRA lasts 18 months in the state of Florida. There are some instances, mainly due to divorce from a covered employee or death of a covered employee, where coverage can be extended to 36 months. Additionally the state of Florida offers an 11-month extension for people who are completely disabled but it costs 150% of the premium to maintain it.

What Other FL Health Insurance Options Are There?

Since COBRA insurance is very expensive, whether from the state or the federal government, most people explore other options for health insurance. The most popular and normally most affordable are private individual or family plans. These plans offer similar coverage to typical employer sponsored plans and for people who are in relatively good health, they can be very affordable. The average individual plan is around $125 for good coverage and the average family plan is around $400. You can learn more about what health plans you qualify for by getting a free quote below. The quote will generate lots of health insurance plan options including costs and coverage.

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Florida Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Florida Mini COBRA?

Florida Mini COBRA insurance is a law that was passed by the state government to allow people to continue to use their group health insurance after job loss. It was modeled after the federal plan and is specifically meant for people who work at smaller companies and therefore do not qualify for coverage under the federal law. Under Florida Mini COBRA your health insurance plan stay exactly the same as it was when you were employed and your spouse and children can also use the plan.

How much does Florida COBRA insurance cost?

Florida COBRA is pretty expensive and to maintain coverage you have to pay 115% of the monthly premium. This premium is the complete premium, not only what you were responsible for paying when you were employed. Normally this amount can be located on the COBRA election form and you can ask your former employer.

Is there a stimulus available to cover the cost of Florida COBRA?

There is currently no subsidy available to cut the cost of Florida COBRA. In the past there was a federal subsidy that cut the cost of COBRA by 65% but that is no longer available. If COBRA coverage in Florida is outside of your budget, you can look into government sponsored plans and private insurance plans.

What options other than Florida Mini COBRA insurance are there for children?

Many people find that they can sign their children up for Florida KidCare, which is available to children living under a certain income limit. This program provides care for infants to children who are 18 years old with comprehensive health care benefits. The cost of Florida KidCare varies depending on your income.

I recently got divorced and want to know if I can sign up for Florida Mini COBRA?

Given that your former spouse's plan meets the requirements as set forth under the law, then divorce is considered a qualifying event and you will be entitled to COBRA coverage in Florida. This coverage normally can be used for up to 3 years. It will be your responsibility to inform the health insurance company of your divorce to receive the election notice.