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Temporary Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance

Like the name implies, short term insurance plans, are just that - short term. They essentially provide a safety net while individuals or families are between insurance plans and need something to protect them for a short period. Many short term plans are available for periods of between 3 months and 3 years, but there are plans that can be purchased to cover a time period of as little as 1 day. They tend to be less expensive than traditional private insurance plans, but usually have higher deductibles and offer less coverage.

The most common reasons that people sign up for short term health plans is that they are certain, or fairly certain, they will have a new insurance plan in the near future. For example, some common people who use these plans are:

  • College students who recently graduated and are looking for a job
  • People who are between jobs but are certain they will have a new job soon
  • People who will soon qualify for a spouse's plan or government plan

Cost of Short Term Health Plans

Most short-term plans come at a significant savings when compared to COBRA insurance or individual insurance. The reason why is that the plans usually will only cover healthy individuals and the plans are specifically underwritten for that person or family. Additionally the plans usually come with high deductibles and do not cover ongoing and preventive health needs. The average cost of a short term plan is usually under $100 monthly.

Advantages of Short Term Insurance

  • Lower monthly premium than typical insurance plans or COBRA plans
  • Very easy to apply for these plans and most people are approved
  • Offer short term plans that can be cancelled at any time in most cases
  • Provide protection in the result of emergencies and serious medical problems

Disadvantages of Short Term Policies

  • Doesn't cover ongoing doctor visits, exams, dental, vision, or other maintenance care
  • Normally doesn't include prescription coverage
  • Have high deductibles in most cases
  • Do not cover preexisting conditions

Signing Up for Short Term Insurance

If you have determined that short term health insurance is the best option for you, the easiest way to find a plan is to get a free quote below that will provide multiple options for short term plans. Getting a quote will allow you to view plans with different price ranges and coverage options.

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