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Michigan COBRA Insurance

Michigan COBRA Insurance

If you recently loss your health insurance in Michigan due to an employment change or loss of your employment, you have three main options for finding health insurance - COBRA Insurance, Private Insurance, or Government Insurance. Each of these options has it's own pros and cons related to the coverage, cost, term length, and ease of use.

Additionally, many states offer their own Mini COBRA insurance plans that extend coverage to residents that do not qualify for the federal plan, but Michigan does not have it's own COBRA insurance plan. If you do not qualify for the federal plan, you must seek out private health insurance in most cases.

Option 1: Michigan COBRA Insurance

The first place that most people look for health insurance after they lose, quit, or retire from their jobs is through the COBRA insurance law. Passed in 1986, this law allows individuals and their covered family members to continue to use the exact same plan they had while they were employed if they pay the full cost of the plan as long as they have a qualifying plan, a qualifying event, and are a qualifying beneficiary.

To have a qualifying plan you must have been on a health insurance plan at the time you lost your job that covered at least 20 employees and is still active. To have a qualifying event, you must not have lost or quit your job due to serious wrongdoing. A qualifying event for a spouse or dependent can also be divorce, death of the covered employee, or loss of dependent status. Finally, you must be a qualifying beneficiary under the law, which means you are the employee, spouse, or dependent.

There are two major downsides to COBRA insurance - the cost and the term limit. COBRA insurance will cost 102% of the premium in Michigan and you will be responsible for the whole premium yourself. Your employer will no longer pay any medical insurance costs for you. Additionally, COBRA only lasts 18 months and is a temporary solution.

Option 2: Private Health Insurance

The best option for many people without major health needs will actually be a private insurance plan. These plans usually save people over 65% monthly for similar coverage. The plans are able to be much more affordable because the coverage is only for you (and your family) and no longer covers the many high risk individuals at a workplace on a workplace plan. To learn more about what private health insurance plans are out there, start by getting a quote below. It is free and will give you a wide variety of plans and options. Use these quotes to compare plans and prices to what you are eligible for with COBRA.

Option 3: Government Health Insurance

Finally, the last option for people facing loss of their medical insurance is finding a government health insurance plan. People normally only qualify for these reduced cost and/or free plans if they are earning an amount near or below the federal poverty level. You can contact your local governmental offices to learn more about health insurance offers for individuals, families, and children.

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Michigan Frequently Asked Questions

Can people who don't qualify for COBRA under the federal law use Michigan COBRA insurance?

Michigan does not have its own COBRA insurance program, or Mini COBRA plan, for residents that do not qualify for federal continuation. For people in this situation, they will need to seek out their own health insurance plan, normally through a private company or sometimes through a government plan if they meet the income requirements.

Will my Michigan COBRA be cancelled if I qualify for Medicare?

Yes ‐ anytime you qualify for any other insurance coverage, COBRA is cancelled. However if you qualify for Medicare but you still have dependents or a spouse on COBRA who do not qualify for Medicare, they can continue to use COBRA for their insurance plan.

How many people in my family can I enroll in the COBRA plan?

Normally anyone who was on the insurance plan while you were employed can use the plan if they enroll in COBRA. There is no limit on the number of family members who can enroll in COBRA as long as they are legal dependents.

How long do I have to enroll in Michigan COBRA coverage?

You have sixty days from the date on the election notice to decide if you will enroll in COBRA insurance. During that time it is wise to consider all of your health insurance options so that you can find the best one for you. If you decide to elect COBRA, it will be retroactive to the date that you would have lost coverage.

Why is Michigan COBRA sometimes called continuation insurance?

COBRA in Michigan is sometimes referred to as continuation insurance because it allows you to continue your employer sponsored insurance plan after you stop working. It isn't a new plan, like many people think, but rather just a continuation of the same plan ‐ thus continuation insurance.