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North Dakota

North Dakota COBRA Insurance

North Dakota COBRA Insurance

To ensure that more people have access to COBRA, the state offers their own North Dakota COBRA insurance program. This program, just like the federal one, gives people the option to maintain the exact same health insurance plan they had while they were working after they lose their job, or even quit or retire from the job. The same benefit extends to family members.

The law was created in North Dakota in the same spirit of the national law that was passed in 1986. Knowing how difficult it can be, and expensive, to suddenly be without health insurance; the state wanted to make sure that people weren't in this situation. What the state law does is extend the COBRA option to more people. Under the federal law people who work at small companies with 19 or less employees couldn't get COBRA. Luckily with the passage of the state law, now they can.

North Dakota COBRA Eligibility

To be able to enroll in ND COBRA, you have to meet three requirements set forth in the law, and in addition cannot be eligible for federal coverage. The names of the requirements are the same as the federal law and are based on the plan you had, the reason you lost you insurance, and who is eligible for enrollment. First you must have been on a health insurance plan for at least 3 months, that is still active today, and covered between 2-19 employees. Secondly, you must have lost, retired, or quit your job. You are not able to enroll if you lost your job due to major or serious misconduct. Finally, employees, their spouses, and their children are eligible to enroll.

Additionally, family members also have other events that can allow them to sign up for COBRA is the employee's plan meets the requirements. In the event of divorce, the spouse is able to sign up. Also is the employee dies or qualifies for Medicare, the family members may enroll. Finally for children who outgrow the maximum age of the plan, they can also enroll in COBRA.

North Dakota COBRA Length and Cost

The North Dakota COBRA insurance plans last for 39 weeks from the last day of coverage. It is a very temporary solution meant to give you time to find alternate insurance options. The cost is also very prohibitive for most, since it is 102% of the full premium. This refers to both the amount you paid and the amount your employer paid. These amounts can be found on your pay stub. Since you are no longer employed, the company no longer pays any healthcare costs. The 2% fee is for administration costs.

Investigating COBRA Alternatives

If you find that COBRA in North Dakota is pricey or you simply want a different or more long-term option, there are many alternatives on the market. The most common are individual and family plans that offer similar coverage at a much lower cost. Additionally there are catastrophic plans and high deductible plans that cover only major medical emergencies. The COBRA law allows you to choose who is enrolling so you may decide to healthier family members on a private plan and less healthy or higher risks individuals on ND COBRA insurance. To find out more about what plans are available for you, get a free quote below.

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North Dakota Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks can I use North Dakota Mini COBRA insurance?

In North Dakota COBRA coverage can be used for up to 39 weeks, or slightly less than 10 months. The coverage begins from the last day that was covered under your employer. At the end of the ND COBRA period you will have to look another insurance plan to ensure you maintain coverage.

My son is about to lose his dependent status can he use ND COBRA?

Most likely your son will qualify for either federal COBRA coverage or the ND COBRA plan. Under both plans losing dependency is a qualifying event, which entitles that person to COBRA for up to 36 months under the national plan and 39 weeks under the ND plan. Which plan he qualifies for depends on the type of health insurance plan you have. For plans with over twenty people he will qualify for the national coverage, and for smaller companies he will likely qualify for the North Dakota COBRA health plan.

Is North Dakota COBRA part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act?

Yes and no. The consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act was passed at the federal level in 1986 to help people experiencing job loss. North Dakota followed suit later on and passed their own law to extend coverage to people working at smaller companies. This law become known as North Dakota COBRA insurance, or ND Mini COBRA.

What happens if I sign up for ND COBRA health insurance but never use it?

Since North Dakota Continuation insurance (COBRA) is a law that extends your employer's health policy, the same thing happens that would if you were working - nothing. It is up to you to decide how you would like to use the health insurance coverage you have.

Does COBRA insurance in North Dakota include preventive care?

COBRA in ND will cover anything that was covered in the employer plan that you had or the covered employee had. This includes preventive care and all other types of care included in your health plan.