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Ohio COBRA Insurance

Ohio COBRA Insurance

Did you know that COBRA insurance covers both voluntary and involuntary job loss? Did you realize that in Ohio there is both an Ohio COBRA insurance plan and a national plan? Most people don't know very much about COBRA insurance until they are in the thick of it due to job loss. Knowing all of these facts and more will help you to make smart decisions about your medical insurance options and also allow you to make the most cost effective decision for your family.

Ohio COBRA insurance is a program very similar to the federal law for COBRA and is meant to be a temporary way for individuals and their family members to maintain the exact same health insurance plan they had when employed for a limited period of time. You can learn more about exactly how the Ohio COBRA plan works here.

Who Can Sign Up for Ohio COBRA Insurance?

As with any law, there are certain things that must be true for you to sign up for Ohio COBRA. The first and most often missed is that you absolutely can't be eligible for federal COBRA. Once you know that are not eligible for the federal plan, you must meet the following three requirements:

  1. You must have a qualifying plan that covers at least 2 employees and not more than 19 employees that you were enrolled in for at least three months.
  2. You must be a qualified beneficiary, which means you are the employee, a spouse, or a dependent.
  3. You must have a qualifying event. For the employee this is voluntary or involuntarily job loss without a major transgression. For the spouse and dependent children this could also be death of the employee, divorce, Medicare qualification of the worker, or becoming too old for insurance coverage.

How Long Does OH COBRA Last?

Ohio COBRA only offers a very short-term option for maintaining health insurance, which is why many people opt to choose a private plan from the beginning. The plan will only last for 6 months from the last day your health insurance provided coverage.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of OH COBRA is generally expensive for most people, especially since many people who are thinking about COBRA just lost their income. COBRA costs 102% of the premium. What does that mean? Under the law you must pay the full premium including any amount your employer used to contribute and a 2% charge for processing. This works out to over $1020 on average for a family.

What Will Cause OH COBRA Termination?

You can lose your coverage with OH COBRA for a few different reasons, although none of very common.

  • You fail to pay a premium. Always alert the company if you can't make a payment otherwise your coverage will be terminated immediately.
  • The health insurance plan is ended. If your employer goes out of business or stops offering health insurance, your plan will also end.

What Other Plans Could I Choose Instead of COBRA?

For many, looking at other plan options is a wise decision because of cost and the short-term nature of COBRA. The easiest way to find another insurance plan is to get a free quote below to look at multiple insurance options and compare them to COBRA. Since employer plans cover every employee, regardless of medical need and risk, they are very expensive. On the contrary, individual and family plans can be very affordable since they only cover you and are written exclusively for you. Many save over 60% when they elect for a private plan instead of COBRA. Moreover they don't have to worry about considering health care options again after 6 months.

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Ohio Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for Ohio COBRA insurance after my federal COBRA plan runs out?

Currently this is not an option in Ohio and you cannot use the state plan as a way to extend the length of the federal plan. Ohio COBRA insurance instead is a specific plan that was created to help people who don't qualify for COBRA nationally because they work at company with nineteen or less employees. If your federal insurance runs out, you have multiple options when COBRA ends.

Is there a time limit for how long I can use OH COBRA health insurance?

Yes – COBRA in Ohio can only be utilized for 6 months and is more of a safety net or interim plan rather than a long-term solution. At the end of that 6 month time frame, people using COBRA will have to look for another plan through a private company, public plan, or through a new employer.

How many times can I go to the doctor annually with COBRA insurance in Ohio?

That depends on your health insurance plan. Under most employer sponsored health insurance plans you can go to the doctor as often as you want as long as you pay the co-payments. Since COBRA is just a continuation of the employer's plan, the policy for doctor visits will remain the same.

Is my entire family able to sign up for COBRA coverage in Ohio?

In most cases any family members who are considered qualifying beneficiaries under the COBRA laws, will be able to sign up for Ohio COBRA. This usually includes the spouse and children and can extend to other dependents in the family. Additionally when people are on COBRA and have a new child, that child will be eligible for COBRA coverage in Ohio.

Will I be able to use Ohio COBRA until I get another job with insurance?

COBRA has a finite term length and can only be used for 6 months. There are not ways to extend the length of the coverage and at the end of the six months (180 days) an alternate insurance plan will be needed.